Terms and conditions

Estimates are valid for one month only

No fabric will be purchased on behalf of the client until funds have been received in full. Some jobs may also require 25% of the estimated cost prior to commencing work, to cover materials and sundries needed. 

If, when the furniture is being stripped, it becomes necessary for additional work to be carried out, provided the cost does not exceed ten per cent (10%) of the estimate, remedial work will be completed and the cost will be added to the final invoice without reference to the client. However, if the cost exceeds ten per cent, the client will be contacted to obtain approval for : (a) the additional work to be carried out, and (b) the additional cost of the work.

If the chosen top cover fabric used is a tartan or check there may be an additional labour charge of ten percent (10%) made because of the additional time taken to plan the matching and application of the fabric.

Fabric supplied by the client will not be subject to any warranty and will not be checked for faults or quantity.

For items which have a value in excess of £2000.00, clients will be required to arrange for their own insurance whilst in transit and in the workshop.

Please note that photographs of your furniture may be used to promote our services.

Antonia Edwards reserves the right to change or amend any terms or conditions without prior notice.